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The site devoted to outstanding real estate in France

Top-of-the-range real estate has become an international market. Thus, it is now vital to be able to reach - throughout the world - the potential buyers of exceptional chateaux, manors, mansions, land and apartments of charm. Since 1996, DEMEURES DE FRANCE addresses a clientele that is keen of French heritage.

An exclusive site...

DEMEURES DE FRANCE is the first site exclusively dedicated to the publication of up-market real estate offers. Each offer is presented in English and French, in a refined environment reflecting its quality. Every page of the site, text and graphics, is developed by professionals in multimedia communication. Hence, DEMEURES DE FRANCE does represent the equivalent on the Internet of a luxurious real estate magazine.

offering a range of services, ...

For private owners and real estate agencies, DEMEURES DE FRANCE offers a billing per offer, as do real estate magazines. The average price per contact is competitive, especially considering that the offer stays published until the property is sold (with a 6 months guarantee).

For private owners, DEMEURES DE FRANCE can be commissioned to sale (with or without exclusivity). The percentage of our commission follows a sliding scale according to sale price. Please contact us for further information.

with powerful advantages...

and important guarantees.

DEMEURES DE FRANCE is a publication of the DEMEURES DE FRANCE SARL company, which is a registered real estate agency.

For more information, or if you have comments or suggestions about our service, do not hesitate to write us at demeures@demeures.com.

41 rue Barrault, 75013 Paris - FRANCE
Tél : (33) 1 44 17 95 40 Fax : (33) 1 44 17 95 77

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